Ready [Produced by Ice]

by K Banger



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Written by K Banger
Produced by Ice

Verse 1
Ready for the world ready for opposition
Ready for adversity ready for ya'll to listen
'Your friends never count' is what my moms would tell me
My crew knew what I could do but ya'll weren't ready
I would watch my foes poppin' Mo with hoes in videos
Doing push ups on my finger tips, itching just to diss those imbeciles
And times are hard these days
Running on soft sand so I can keep my breath on stage I'm getting [ready]
For the tours checks and records
Even if whatever I earn is less than expected
I'm a work to feel good and have my craft respected
Maybe multiply my talent for diverse incentive
My disciplinary goals when I create are progressive
They add a wide range to my degrees like college electives
Fakes will never know what it takes to be effective
No matter what the next step is, K Banger lives

[Yes I'm Ready] [Ready]

Verse 2
I'm an emcee of integrity level and pedigree
Select rhyme style vocal music and melody
If you don't have the product to back a story to sell me
Then it's back to the drawing board, you wasn't ready
What luck is opportunity meets preparation
A talent like yourself shouldn't be hesitating nah
Focus and move show and prove
If you don't show up you'll get made up you lose
You shouldn't get it confused between jewels buddah and booze
Family feuds crews neglecting of life's rules
Dudes I know would sell their soul for nice shoes
Who'd ever know you'd get put on for a few
A small advance a chance now what you gonna do
Come unprepared and just end up another act that got screwed
Focus and go like on your mark get set
That one shot you loose may be the one you most regret so get

[Yes I'm Ready][Ready]

Verse 3
Ready for the challenge ready to prosper
Ready for success ready for my shot like blaakkkkaaa
Steady aiming my hit upon emcees is deadly
They're deceased like rest in peace, ya'll weren't ready
I get money f*** a grammy plaque oscar or emmy
'Professionalism over hype' the elder would tell me
Mayor Bloomberg Commissioner Ray Kelly [you can't tell me]
Bringing war into the hood ya'll had better get [ready]
Build with your own, stop killing your own
The art form reveal what many feel in the poem
Ain't too many could see what really going on
They can't carry themselves through life, they're just kinda brought along
And so on
It's their guess the streets can care less
When it comes to your future and mental preparedness
Just a bit of advice to the homies that feel this
Only you could know how real it is, real it is


released January 30, 2014
Written and recorded by K Banger
Produced by Ice



all rights reserved